About Us

About Us is really about me. I do have other talented folks that I work with, but this endevor is run primarily by me. So thanks for inquiring. I’m happy to tell you about my experience as a web consultant, content manager, and free-lance web designer/developer. I graduated from Texas Tech University in 1997. I spent 13 years as a consultant for various organizations (not sure if i can name them by name, but think Big Blue and Red O). During my time as a consultant, I was a Java Developer and web designer. I got into the Content Management scene around 2001 and quickly realized the value in offering an easy way for business and users to maintain a website. 13 years of constant travel is hard on a person, so I quit and went to work for a company that lets me work from home. I love it. I used to work 60 hours a week; now I work 40.

Over the years, several friends/family members have asked me to build them a simple site. I did so because 1) I love making websites and 2) I got to learn difference technologies (Joomla, WordPress, etc). I was always told that I should freelance. And that’s what brings us here today.

I have a full time job with another company, so I don’t take on too many clients. I cannot take on more than 1 or 2 a month (maybe less if the site is complex). Yes, I have more spare time, but the whole goal of getting a new job was to keep me at home and to spend time with my family. I don’t want to do so much that I end up working more than I used to; hence why I limit my client load. For ease and quick turnaround, I deal mostly with WordPress sites now. I’m open to learning Drupal, but I just don’t feel comfortable learning on a client’s dime – I’d rather learn on my own time. Besides, doing something easy (WordPress) helps keep costs down – WordPress offers lots of themes and plugins that will do virtually anything you need it to do. This keeps me from having to build something from scratch. I can take an existing theme/plugin and tweak it to meet your needs. Again, this is all in the interest of quick turn around and low costs. Let’s be honest – you want a site done quickly and relatively inexpensively and I don’t want to work two 40-hour/week jobs.

You can see some of my work in my Portfolio section. In fact, this site you’re using now was completed on WordPress in under 1 week (from install to go-live).

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably interested; so please send me an email using the Contact Us page. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what new things we can do for you.