Interested in my work? I don’t blame you. I always want to see someones work before I contact them. Feel free to peruse my portfolio of clients that I’m allowed to show:

7th Trailblazers
The 7th Trailblazers is a registered BPSA (Bayden Powell Service Association) group in the Austin area. They are a BSA alternative group that offers scouting to anyone, regardless of gender, abilities, religious affiliation, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
Kids University
Kids-U is a free after school tutoring program set up on-site in low-income apartment communities. Their goal is to provide pathways out of poverty for the students who are most at-risk of not completing their education by providing tutoring in the core learning subjects of math, language arts and reading.
88 Lodge
If you ever find your way to New Zealand, you have to check these guys out. After working on this site for the past month, I have a very strong desire to go to New Zealand and stay at this B&B. Go to the gallery page and look at their Flowers & Gardens and I think you'll agree with me. I really enjoyed this site. My past few sites have been storefronts. This site is for a Bed & Breakfast, so the design is much different. Geoff and Chris, owners and operators of 88 Lodge, wanted a website that was photocentric. They also wanted a responsive design, so that it would look good on a desktop, tablet, phone, and everything in between. Since this was a photo-heavy site, we had to use jQuery in the galleries to download the images in 10 photo increments. This speeds the loading of the page. One thing we did differently on this site is the addition of the 'online chat' feature. Integrating Zopim with AOL Instant Messenger, site users can chat with Chris and Geoff if they have questions. We love the site, but we love the 88 Lodge B&B more.
Ashton Thornhill Photography
Ashton Thornhill is a wonderful photographer based out of Lubbock, Texas. His old website was outdated and not functional on the iPhone (and other smartphone devices). I was able to pull in the photos and text from his old site, mimic the existing structure, keep the links the same and provide a new look. So not only did he get a new site, but his search ranking stayed the same and any link to his site would still render successfully. We agreed on a clean look that mostly showcased his artwork. This site was done entirely on a WordPress theme and altered slightly to meet his needs.
Texas Yaks
Texas Yaks is a regional rancher and distributor of quality yak meat. The site is pretty simple – it showcases the value of yak meat, price listing, contact us, photos, as well as articles regarding dealings with the company. We have also linked to their facebook so that interested users can follow Texas Yaks.