It all comes down to price, doesn’t it?  We all have grand visions for what we want, but price usually brings us back to reality.  I found this out during a recent kitchen remodel project in my house.


I charge by the job, not the hour or page.  My prices vary depending on what you need.  Do you need a logo?  Custom site template (colors, look & feel)?  Do you want to sell items and have that integrate with QuickBooks, or do you just want a site containing only informational pages?  All of these factors affect the cost.  What I typically do is send you a questionnaire.   Based on your responses, I will provide you with a bid outlining the costs of each requirement.  What this allows you to do is determine what functionality you want and what you’re willing to pay for.  If the bid is too high, then feel free to remove functionality until the price matches what you had in mind.  Later on down the road, should you decide to add functionality, we can do so.  Unlike the cable companies, I’m OK with a la cart pricing.


I will say that because this is a side job for me and not my sole source of income, that my prices are very competitive.  I can afford to undercut others.  So why not give me a shot?


Cold Calls

I know what you’re thinking – if I contact JLWebDev and they give me a bid, they’re going to call me every other day to see if I want to move forward or not.  Don’t worry, I don’t do this.   I hate it when it’s done to me, so I don’t do that to my customers.  You’re an adult.  If you want me to build your site, you’ll contact me after the bidding process.  If you don’t, then you won’t contact me.  I understand and respect that.  I won’t get my feelings hurt.  I certainly won’t call/email you over and over.  I will email to verify that you got the bid, but once that happens, the ball is in your court.